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year 3 what level reading book ?

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  1. 12/9/08 17:34

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    Cook dinnerNaplus3Girls

    hi tam I think that sounds about right because I was told dd was reading at an 8-9yr level when she was on gold books, she's a very advanced reader for her age though (she was 5 in August)

    Na xxx

  2. 12/9/08 09:58

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    hiya i am really well thankyou , ive been away for most of the summer so thats probley why ive not been around.

    thankyou for replys rigby is the book he is on and as the other lady said not sure of level , he got 2 a is his sats so i thought he would be on a higher level , he reads at home alot and will read aloud as well as in his head.

    glad that you are well , speak soon Tamryn

  3. 11/9/08 22:54

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    when my ds finished yr2 he was on cream band stage 12. Not really ORT books though. He is now yr3 and still cream bad but the books definatly aren't ORT and don't have any indication of a level on the book. All I know is its going to take a while to read, it has 122 page with fairly small writing!!!!

  4. 11/9/08 19:56

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    Hi Tamryn, How are you?  not seen you around for ages!

    When I listened to readers in Year 2, I listened to the middle group of readers, when they started they were on turquoise purple gold white and lime.    These were the Rigby Rocket books.I think there were only a couple of children that were given books on a higher grade than these,

    By the end of the year, most of the kids were on gold, with a few extending to white and lime.  There were only 2 children in the whole class who were given books at a higher level than these.

    In year 3, they had similar books, so it seemed that there were many readers who were not at the high end of reading.  Year 3 started with gold books in general but they had a few books below (blue orange green turquoise)

    It depends on the school phylosophy on reading books and when they change.  Just encourage your child to read aloud at home, use expression, improve the flow of speech, check that the text is understood, ask lots of questions

    When my son finished year 1, he was reading the white and lime books.  However, one year on, I dont think his reading has improved, and if anything is more difficult to understand now.  At the new school, he isnt sent home with books so feels he doesnt need to read aloud any more, and he hasnt progressed at all

    I remember comments last year that kids slow down and I think this is happening to ds.  He can read lots of hard words but has lost the fluency he had when in the UK



    these levels are used in books here in NZ, but its a different range.

    Take care





  5. 11/9/08 11:44

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    Feeling illtamryn

    my ds has come home with his 1 st reading book in year 3 . he has been given a gold level book  OR T, what is the reading age of this level is he about right in the level that he is on  ?

    also how many more levels are there ?

    then what do they read ?

    nothing is ever explained at our school. errrrrrhhhhhhh 

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