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  1. 29/1/09 12:32

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    He he! So I guess it can actually be quite useful really, I'll have to suggest he keeps his malteezers there, safe from little brother! Thank you though, feeling very reassured. X -ray is on Tuesday, so hopefully won't have to wait too long before feed back from docs. xx

  2. 29/1/09 12:05

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    My dr thought I was funny because I said that when I first noticed ds's chest was when he was little and I was bathing him (laid down) and the water would sit in the dip in his chest! It was pretty weird!! lol
  3. 28/1/09 23:18

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    hi there

    My dad has this and its quite severe to look at but has never troubled him, it is so concave that when we got a kitten many years ago it could sit comfortably in his chest when he layed down and it popped neatly right in to keep it warm bless it.

    Both my brothers have it, (quite noticable as well) i also have a very slight dip but cant tell anymore as my boobs make it entirely unnoticeable but it was there when i was younger. My little boy who is 6 has a dip aswell but again it has not caused him any trouble, thankfully its not as severe a dip but its obviously an hereditary thing from my side.

    The doctors have never made an issue of it for my ds do im sure its all just a precautionary measure to check its not affecting anything else.


  4. 28/1/09 18:51

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    Thank you. It helps to know there are others with the same thing that are just fine, they only tend to show worse cases on line. xx

  5. 28/1/09 10:50

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    Hi, my ds2 has a dip in the middle of his chest which I recently asked my dr about. He named his as pectus excavatum. And as my ds's isn't a severe case (it could be more sunken) that it's nothing to worry about. Although like you I looked it up and it can cause decreased lung capacity and a slight heart murmor. My bil has the same thing and is in his late 30's and has had no problems. It only ment he couldn't join the Army, but he is colour bind as well, so they weren't going to take him anyway! The x-rays are probably just the dr's way of checking there's no side effects, to be on the safe side.
  6. 28/1/09 08:20

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    On a visit to the doctors to check out a sore throat yesterday, the doc noticed that my 4 year old son has quite a concave chest, something that had passed me by until she pointed it out. Now I have to book him in for a chest X ray. She told me not to worry but of course I do, and after looking it up on the net, I have made myself worse. Silly I know. Anyone had any experience or can put my mind at rest? x

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