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how long should a pair of school shoes last?

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  3. how long should a pair of school shoes last?
  1. 28/12/09 12:44

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    I don't know if girls shoes last longer but DS's shoes last 3-4 months.   I tried to buy expensive ones but it is the same.  When he was going to start Yr 2 we bought one pair of very good shoes in Spain as it was August and there were on Sale.  We spent 40 euros (on sale) on a Pablosky shoes and it lasted exactly the same.

    Now I spend £10-£12 and I buy 2 pairs for each school year. 


  2. 27/12/09 17:17

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    well my dd had one pair lasted all year they were Clarks and she wasn't kind to them maybe it just depends on the actual shoe!!!!!
  3. 26/12/09 08:06

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    My 5 year old gets through a pair a term! He really does wreck them, we buy them from tesco for £7 and they look really smart so at that price i can afford to keep replacing them. I did wonder whether they were getting wrecked so easily cos they are cheap, but didnt want to find out that £30 clarks pairs get wrecked just as easily! I have 2 boys so havent looked at the girls shoes in there, but my neice is same age and my sister gets hers from Asda or Tesco cheap enough plain black shoes with a little strap, and she is a very tiny petite little girl and they start very small sizes.

  4. 23/12/09 20:24

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    Best pair I had for DS were from M&S - cost about £15 I think and lasted 2 terms. The Clarks ones he has now cost twice as much and will last half as long!

  5. 23/12/09 15:09

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    i'll have a look around then, otherwise it'll cost me a fortune - i've never seen school shoes in asda/tescos nr us...

    she was a 6.5 but we had to get a 7 as couldn't find anything that small,she is now a 7.

    her school are also quite strict have to be black and very plain.

  6. 22/12/09 22:56

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    My Ds1 is on his 2nd pair which are on there way out and my ds2 is on his 3rd pair already and there starting to look scruffy now and worn.

    Drives me mad, i used to buy from clarks thinking they would last longer but they didnt so i just buy from asda/tesco now.

  7. 22/12/09 20:03

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    That icon wasn't supposed to happen lol!  Meant got her a size 8

  8. 22/12/09 20:01

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    My dd started school in September and I bought her a cheap pair from Stead & Simpson for about £15 and they are still going strong!  She has fairly small feet too (size 7 1/2 but got size .

  9. 22/12/09 17:17

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    I'm never buying girls' shoes from Clarks again. I got so fed up them breaking and fallling apart after a few weeks! I got Katie's last pair from Startrite and the quality is superb - she's had them for four months so far x

  10. 22/12/09 16:45

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    dunno about cheap but dont think you can go wrong with startrite shoes !

  11. 22/12/09 15:47

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    DD has done one term at school and her shoes have had it,they still fit but i have to buy her a new pair as all the rubber has come off at the front.  I know she wears them every day but i thought they would last a bit longer -or is this just normal!?

    They were from clarks as she is only has small feet & a high instep so we are quite limited, and she can't have patent shoes -but if anyone can suggest somewhere cheap that does little sizes i'd be grateful!

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