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Shocking! Feeding a 13 year old!

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25/5/11 21:07

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Just been reading an article in a magazine about a lady who still breast feeds her 13 year old plus her younger children! I was so shocked I personally think it's wrong and that poor boy is hitting puberty and is going to be a very confused young man! The mother claimed that it was good and nutritious and he wants it. But he was embarrassed and didn't want anyone to no about it! I think she has issues and doesn't want him to grow up and is doing it for herself. I think when they get teeth and are on solids that's it! What are your opinions?
  1. 27/5/11 15:04

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    What shocks me is the effect this story would have on the poor 13 year old boy, true or not (and I really don't believe the suckling reflex is still there after 7 or 8 years). What kind of mother would expose her child to the type of comments and bullying a story like this could generate?
  2. 27/5/11 12:25

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    I rally wouldn't have thought a 13 year old would still have had a suckling reflex.

  3. 27/5/11 12:01

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    hiya,what magazine was the story in ive tryed to google it but carnt find anything!i think if its not made up then its such a shame for the poor child,imagine the abuse hes gona get now,im assuming a 13 yr old that still feels the need to bf has more than likely not got many friends and spends most his time with his mom exposing this isnt gona help his situation if thats the case!livvy 34+5 xx

  4. 26/5/11 17:03

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    Are you sure she hasn't made it up for the payment?

  5. 26/5/11 10:05

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    Of course the story isn't true! If it was why aren't people in 3rd world countries bfing this long? Around 7/8 years the adult molars come though, this is supposed to naturally stop bfing. Why does the mum say in the article that her 13 year old son doesn't want his friends to know he breast feeds, yet his mum has pubically told the world, with photos? Sorry but articles like this really annoy me! It just makes bfing seem 'werid' and we all end up being labelled as the same. I no more believe these stories than I do the one about a daughter bfing (directly) her dad to help his cancer, despite the fact he had a full beard, or the one about a women bfing her dogs puppies. There just made up to sell magazines and cause a debate which has a negative effect on breastfeeding rates and stereotypical images of bfing mums. I wish they would write decent articles on other 'miracle' bfing stories, such as a mum that managed to bf quads, or a mum that managed to bf a very sick or prem baby, or a mum who has managed to express and donate enough breast milk to save the lives of 100 babies x
  6. 26/5/11 08:06

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    ummm 13 really???????

    Although i do not agree about the teeth and solids and world wide the actual average age to stop breastfeeding is 4 years old. Breastfeeding is more than just nutrition and in our culture it is almost persceived as 'weird' or 'wrong' when children want to carry on feeeding at what would be considered an older age. When if you look at breastfeeding as more than just nutrition then what is so wrong with a child wanting breasmilk to feel warm. safe, secure and content with his mum. Ok i do agree however 13!!!! especially if he feels embarrassed. Do you think the story is true? Although what age would be all consider to be to old then????? I thought you natrally lost your sucking reflex around the age of 7 or 8 so bf becomes more difficult??????

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