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16/6/10 20:18

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Hi, I have  had  triple test and results came back saying I have 1:55 chance of having a downs baby. I dont want Amnio, as baby is there and not going anywhere. Just wondered if there was anyone on here who had similar results. Feelings are confused at the moment. Dont know what to think. I am 38 and have 2 children already.

  1. 30/6/10 20:59

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    Hi Scattycat,

    I am 37 and having my first baby. My nuchal fold measurement at the scan was fine (0.7mm) so I was shocked when my blood tests came back high risk. I was told it was actually for Edwards or Patau's syndrome, both of which are pretty much fatal and was devastated (chances 1:34). I had to wait two weeks until I was 15 weeks to have the amnio. Didn't want to but couldn't face the idea of miscarrying late or the baby only surviving a day.

    Had it last Friday and waited two awful days for the results but everything was ok. Like many others I think it might be better not to have the screening test, but on the other hand if it had been positive I would have preferred to know. My midwife told me that my hormone levels were probably too high because I am small and petite and for no other reason. She said that most women who were my size had false positive results but that there were loads of other possible reasons too. I know its impossible not to worry, I had two weeks of living in a bubble of depression due to it, but because the tests are so detailed now there is a very high chance of false positives.

    Let us all know how you get on. Lots of luck, Pol xxx

  2. 29/6/10 20:52

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    hi rubiboo, can i just say to clear something up for people. there is no such thing as a family history of down syndrome. down syndrome happend's by complete chance. Most baby's with down syndrome are also born to women under 30.  xxx

  3. 25/6/10 16:31

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    Hi Scattycat,

    I had a quadrupal test ( this test tests for one more marker than the triple test but is still a blood test. I am 29, with no family history etc of having downs. My husband and I are both healthy so were shocked when I got the results back saying I had an extremely high chance of having a baby with downs. Mine 1 :15 chance.

    For my ages I should only be 1:1500 so you can imagine my alarm at 1:15.

    Needless to say I spent the next couple of days in turmoil. We decided to do the Amniocentesis, as we would know for sure. Waited three days for the results and them came back giving me the all clear.

    My message to you is, that these triple/ quads/ nuchal scans are not suffucient enough to worry over, even tho we naturally do. The majority of the time, they are false positives. Remember downs is really rare & you know regardless you will love the baby.

     The Amnio ( or CVS which is similar just done early in pregancy ) are the two only ways of finding out for sure. I had to do this for peace of mind & so am relieved now.

    Another note, my midwife said that she has seen even people who get low risk results on the triple/quad/nuchal -eg a chance as low as 1 in 1500 - who are not even offered amnio, go on to have a baby with downs so theres no knowing really unless you have an amnio or wait until the baby is here.

    Try not to worry, the chances are you are worrying for nothing & your baby is fine.  I know its hard and very worrying.

    I wish you a healthy baby & peace of mind x

  4. 25/6/10 09:57

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    hi i had this test with my first i was 1 in 55 as well i got anmio done and all was well i never got the test done with my other kids it is just so randam you could have a 1 in 1000 chance and have a child with ds or a 1 in 10 chance and have a child with out try and enjoy the rest of your pregancy
  5. 24/6/10 22:21

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    Just want to agree with what Tina has said. Dont rely on anything other than an amnio.

    I had a low risk 1:3960 triple test, perfectly normal 20 week scan and a further 5 growth and well being scans and NOTHING was picked up. Kai had no soft markers at all for DS and yes he popped out and has DS!! 

    Try not to stress yourself over these blood tests as they just arnt accurate!

    Best of luck girls. xx

  6. 24/6/10 21:38

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    it was recorded on my 20 week scan that nothing had been seen ie soft markers, the consultant did the scan and was able to see the heart very well within the first few seconds, everything looked fine . It was recorded that although everything looked fine downs could not be excluded. At my age and as its my partners first ever we just decided to roll with it. In my opinion i should not have had the test in the first place.


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