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Carrying lots of water

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  1. 20/11/10 13:48

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    Ahh dont blame urself,I guess it's just 1 of those things that happen.with my first I was 23wks pregnant and slipped on the way out of a petrol station and broke my ankle(I had stepped on petrol)I had to jab op wiv metal plates n pins put in my ankle and was told I could go into premature labour at 23wks!I hav Neva been soooo scared!then at 34wks I developed pre eclampsia,I ended up being really poorly,I also had the steroids in myers to help mature babies lungs and had emergency c section at 34plus6,I was out of it 4 3 days,having had cesearean stil non weight Bering ont foot still using crutches,it was a nightmare! I didn't holdu son until he was 3 days old because I was that I'll on the verge of eclampsia,scary! I also blame myself for going to that particular petrol station that day,as I believe if I hadn't gone there none of this would hav happened as I wouldn't hav been soooo stressed,it certainly wasn't the way I imagined my first pregnancy to go,but hey that's life,chayse is now 28months and is perfect in every way,he is a typical mischievious 2yr old! Xx
  2. 20/11/10 06:08

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    hi all another update my fluid has increased now that it is way off the chart so im on tablets to reduce it for a week. baby still hasnt grown much they couldnt offer me the chromosone test due to me going into labour because of the fluid amount, im only 27 weeks. another scan again in 10 days to check fluid level and baby growth possible chromosone test but again possible early labour... so i have been given steroids to mature babys lungs for when he is born. whatever happens he will be born premature... really scared and i keep getting upset and blaming myself it's my first baby and it's not really how i pictured my first pregnancy. but knowing that other people have the large amount of fluid is a relief so i know i am not on my own....x

  3. 20/11/10 00:10

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    Hey ladies,the torch blood tests I had were all clear and came back negative,have another scan booked mon just to keep am eye on the water.had a different consultant this time who wa fab and totally put me at ease,he didn't seem at all concerned as all bloods came bak clear and baby is growing well now,he said sometimes it can be just one of those things,that u can just carry alot of water. So ladies don't panic! Xx
  4. 18/11/10 14:59

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    Hi ladies
    I had polyhydramnious when I was pregnant with my daughter (10 months old tomorrow!) It didn't affect her growth - she was a healthy 9lb 3.5oz!
    So that it doesn't worry you when the time comes, you should know that they may want to monitor the baby more throughout labour (which is a good thing in any case!) and try not to eat anything with too strong a flavour before you go into hospital, as when your waters break they go with quite a lot of force, which in my case made me sick due to the pressure change (at which point I decided I shouldn't have had garlic bread for dinner lol).
    Most of the time having excess water isn't anything to worry about, they might just want to keep a close eye on you.
    Good luck everyone

    Kaytee & Alexia xxx

  5. 17/11/10 11:19

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    Hiya Ladies I saw my consultant yesterday who has told me that I have extra fluid and needed to book in for a torch blood test and gd test, I wasn't sure what the problems could be with carrying extra fluid and so stupidly I googled it BIG BIG MISTAKE! I am now really worried and wished that I hadn't looked it up on the internet, the only thing I can get any comfort from at the the moment is the Consultant didn't seem too worried at the time and said bump is growing in line with what is expected.

    Lisa 32+1


  6. 15/11/10 11:22

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    Please excuse this stupid question but where are you carrying this extra water?  Why I ask is because at the bottom of my tummy I also have water stored (like a camel) and the consultant did not seem worried but I am. 

    Kelly 35+2 twins

  7. 14/11/10 09:08

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    Hi ladies,im glad to know there are other women out there who are also experiencing this.My gd blood test was negative hopefully get the other results tommorrow when I have growth scan.The Internet can be brilliant at times,but when addressing problems like this it does nothing but frighten you to death!!! I'm sure all our babies will be perfect,just a waiting game till we meet them!3 weeks and 2days and counting and it really couldn't happen quick enough! Cant wait to meet our new lil man/lil lady! Good luck to you all xxx
  8. 13/11/10 22:55

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    I have been carrying extra fluid from 28 weeks. Since then i have been having scans every two weeks, each scan has shown a decrease in fluid which is great, baby is measuring big too, my consultant always asks me if i was tested for GD, which i was and came back negative. I too googled too much fluid which was a big mistake!!!! I am now coming up to 36 weeks and so far so good, my first pregnancy twins were born at 27+4 so i'm so pleased i'm still going now
  9. 13/11/10 19:05

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    Hi, I also got told the same last week i went into hospital with pains and i'm 26 weeks. they sent me for a specialist scan and found that i have a large amount of fluid round baby and baby has measured small. I also have another problem of a smaller uterus (bicornuate uterus) which causes me more problems because my body can not hold all the water in the small amount of space so i am due to go into labour any time.... it gave me a shock but knowing that other women have the same kind of thing helps me through it...... hope you get through it all ok

  10. 12/11/10 13:39

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    I had this with my first (polyhydramnios). They checked me for gestational diabetes and also told me they thought baby was big. Everything was fine. My hind waters went about 10 days before due date and I was induced 2 days later and after a really long labour I had a healthy daughter weighing 7lb 5oz - so not even big!
  11. 9/11/10 09:38

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    Hi I'm 36wks withy 2nd pregnancy and I carrying slot of water,having extra scans etc as my first baby was 6wks prem and delivered by emergency c section as I had extremely bad pre eclampsia.They are saying this baby is small which isn't worrying me,had to have more bloods to check for sugar etc,I was fine at the hos but came home and googled lots if water and what o read scared me!y mom partner and friends have all told me not to worry,as my mom honde and front waters with my Sis,any1 else been told they have alot of water?
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