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1 n 15 chance of Downs Syndrome. Im devastated :(

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11/3/11 22:41

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Hello eveyone, im 21 currently pregnant with my second child and just had the news that my baby has a 1 in 15 chance of having downs syndrome. I am absolutley devastated, I have just lost my closest family member and feeling very vunerable. I am having a cvs test on monday but im scared to death anyone in same situation?

  1. 14/3/11 16:43

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    hope all went well today x

  2. 13/3/11 15:50

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    hey hun i know excatley how u feel, i was told that my baby had 1 in 5 chance of downs syndrome after NT scan, they gave me 50% chance that the baby had chromosonal problems, after my bloods came back they gave me the 1:5 for downs but just downs, i really didt know what to do atall, i lost a wee girl in 09 aswell so no way would i terminate for downs i would have still loved my baby with all my heart, i understand thou if u have other children the impact it wld cause, my biggest fear was edwards or patuas where baby not compatable with life n i would to make that heartbreaking descion to terminate as i wouldt put baby thru that  anyway i decided to wait for amino as risk is less, the waiting was the worst ever but felt positive thru out i just did't feel anyrhing wrong, got my results back last week and everythings fine so relived, i feel like the world has been lifted fom my sholders again,  never underestimate the power or positive thinking hun and i  always belive to go with ur gut feeling, if u need to chat hun pls pm me xXx 

  3. 13/3/11 11:53

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    Wishing you all the best on Monday x
  4. 12/3/11 16:15

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    Hun, im so sorry to hear what you're going through and keep all my fingers xd for good news for you.

    I cant imagine being in your situation but i do know that there is no way me and dh could cope with a disabled child and that it wouldnt be fair on our ds to expect him to take a back seat to a disabled child.

    Im here for you if you just want to talk, i know some people can be cruel and callous about termianting for these reasons but id be exactly the same.

    Hugs to you, and fingers crossed for a good cvs on monday.

  5. 12/3/11 14:28

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    Im exactly the same, would have been three weeks yesterday and im still upset. i should be 17 weeks now, we had to terminate at 14 weeks... and im angry and upset it happened, but i have to believe it was for the best. My partner has been fantastic and has brought us closer so trying to take the positives from this. Like I said im here if you need to talk as completely understand what ure going through but im praying everything will be fine for u and bubs xxx

  6. 12/3/11 14:20

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    Thanks everyone, I am so sorry suzanne! But im afraid that will be our outcome if any serious abnormalities are found including downs syndrome (no matter how severe). A termination will destroy me but it would destroy me more to see my child that is now 2 and a half to struggle with less attention throughout his life. I am also scared that I have a healthy child and I will have a miscarriage. Thanks for all the support ladis xxxxxxx

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