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Short femurs at 20 weeks scan

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  1. 3/7/11 14:37

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    Thanks girls, went for a detailed anomoly scan last week which showed the legs have caught up but she is still a very ickle little girl but all in proportion.  No other soft markers seen and the scan was amazing.

    Got to have regular growth scans now every 4 weeks and providing that she stays on the same plotting on charts 15th to 20th centile for body 5th for limbs then hopefully docs wont have to intervene. xx

  2. 30/6/11 23:01

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    Hi hun, I had exactly the same thing with my 2nd baby, he was measuring small all the way through and his femur measurements were really small, I had detailed scans all the way through my pregnancy anyway bcoz I lost my 1st baby at 15hrs old 2 multiple birth defects. At 32 weeks his legs were still shorter than they shouldve been on the scan, but they just said it could be bcoz I'm tiny and my oh isn't the biggest of blokes! I still couldn't help but worry! Anyway when Cameron arrived at 38 weeks gestation he was tiny! 5lb 6oz tiny but...perfectly in proportion! My worries had been totally unnecessary and he is now a very happy very healthy 17mth old! Ultrasounds aren't always correct with measurements, they've never been accurate with my babies weights either! Best of luck hun xxxx
  3. 30/6/11 21:30

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    Hi.  I wouldn't worry too much.  With my first son I had a scan at about 18 weeks when I was having an amnio as I was high risk.  They said that the femurs were short which really added to the worry.  Anyway the amnio came back fine and at my next scan a few weeks later the femurs had caught up. 

    In your case I don't think measuring 2 weeks behind is that much especially if she said the baby measured less in all areas.  That means the femurs were less than 2 weeks behind everything else.  Are you sure of your dates, may be a bit out or maybe baby is just on the small side.  Also, ultrasound isn't exact and you may find that someone else doing it would get different measurements.  Try not to worry, I have had a 1 in 86 risk of downs with my first and a 1 in 26 with my second and both were fine.

  4. 27/6/11 12:00

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    Hi guys, just need some advice and reassurance and positive stories.

    Am 36 and 21 weeks pregnant with my second child.  Had nuchal done at 13 weeks which gave me a 1:138 risk factor for downs.  Chose not to do anything at that stage and would progress until 20 week scan.  Had scan on Friday all measurements for everything were ok and sonographer told me to go and empty my bladder.  Only after doing so did she inform me that she had forgotten to measure femur. She took the measurement which she had difficulty in doing and then referred me to counsellor.  Measurement taken is showing leg length at 18 weeks whereas I was 20 weeks along. She did say that the baby is small for all measurements but not worryingly so just a small baby at this stage.  However combined with my Downs result they were going to refer me to Leeds General for a more detailed anomoly scan.  Have done what I said I wouldnt and googled the subject to death and am more than slightly worried and very weepy. Saying that my friend had her scan recently and they told her same thing and told her not to worry as she was short and didnt refer her anywhere.  I could be worrying unneccessarily but know that shortened femurs are another soft marker for Downs. Anyone else had a similar experience and what was the outcome? Just want to be prepared for all eventualities as will not terminate the pregnancy at this stage as my little girl is loved and wanted very much already, I have not been eating very well as I have recently lost someone close to me and suffered a lot of stress and now am stressing further xx

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