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Bleeding around sac

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  1. 9/9/11 22:33

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    Hey hon, glad to hear your haematoma has almost gone now. I've gone through a similar thing in this pregnancy but mine had almost totally reabsorbed within 3 weeks. I'd been bleeding on and off for my whole pregnancy - I'm now 31+6. Got to my 20 week scan when the consultant found a bleed of around 6x3 but I was on blood thinners, they stopped my medication and asked me to rest and by the next scan it had all but disappeared. They've now found my placenta is low and they're watching that too but think the bleeding was maybe coming from that all along. It's weird that these bleeds are going on inside and we know nothing about them eh? Glad you don't have long to wait for your next scan, hope your placenta has moved up. Hugs, Lx

  2. 9/9/11 07:17

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    Thanks everyone, its nice to hear some positivity! and in a way good knowing Im not the only one going through this! Im now 18 weeks + 2 days and so far so good, been bleeding and resting for 7 weeks now so still a bit down about it but a scan a few days ago showed that my placenta is low (which it was with my first pregnancy - it sorted it self out the first time round) which they think is where the bleeding was coming from before but they couldnt see that before because of the heamorrage. There is not much blood left around the sac now so fingers crossed for my 20 weeks scan!  I hope your all well xx

  3. 6/9/11 12:09

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    I wish i had been on here sooner.

    In this pregnancy I've had two bleeds, i had one at 8 weeks, which lasted nearly two weeks, and after 4 previous miscarriages i thought it was the end, and then again at 13 weeks, due to intercourse. from which now we are banned. Doesn't bother me, but he keeps pestering. any way, at 8 weeks it was bright red, but the bleed was coming above the sac, baby was fine, nothing wrong with her. At 13 weeks i passed a huge blood clot, the size of my hand, in one giant piece, couldn't believe it, panicked, got myself to a&e, had an emergency scan on the sunday, because after hours of a&e, and waiting to be seen by a gynaecologist, they said i had to prepare for the worst.

    Turns out, I had a huge bleed this time from above the cervix, and i had a huge area of bleed, it did stop after a day, but was put on bed rest for a week. And baby was fine, progressing well, and now i'm 21+3 weeks, and had no bleeds for nearly 2 months. Fingers crossed eh!

    if your bleed isnt coming from the baby, then you might be lucky like i was. make sure you rest well, and let me know how you go, It might be nothing like mine was, keep positive!

  4. 31/8/11 18:42

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    Been a few weeks since I replied on here but I was 50/50 the same as you and now at 20 weeks the bleed has gone! I only stopped bleeding a week ago and I only found out today so it's only just sinking in really but I hope that I give you some reassurance that you can get past it and it's not always the end. x

  5. 31/8/11 18:32

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    I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. when i was 11 weeks 6 days i was taken into a sand e with a heavy bleed in the early hours of saturday morning to be told hey could not scan me until monday morning and to go home and prepare for the worse, to our relief on monday morning the baby was fine and nothing showed why i bled so heavy, but on the tuesday i started bleeding again and had another scan on the thursday morning to which they found a bleed around the babies sack, i still did not get any answers to why this was there! we had another scan a week later as i was still bleeding and they measured the bleed this time saying that it could come away bit by bit with my bleeding but hopefully not all at the same time as it could tug my baby away . i continued to bleed and had yet another scan i week later were they measured it again, i was hoping they would say it was getting smaller but to my shock it has got bigger, and again still only the answers that its nature and it needs to take its course so take it day by day! i really sympathize with you as i bleed every day and night at the moment keep thing the worse as there is a 50/50 chance i was told at the moment and its driving me crazy! evryone i speak to about their pregnancy bleed or read up on has no relation to the way i am with mine so even more frustrating as i would love to talk to someone who has been through the same and come out the other end!!
  6. 4/8/11 12:47

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    Hello, not sure I can be of much help but I had a big bleed at 11 weeks and then another a few days later, both of which I was admitted for, my scans showed I have a bleed next to the sac, I've had a few scans since and now at 16+2 I'm still spotting and having pains, though not sure if these are just growing pains, it makes you paranoid of every little twinge! But baby is still fine and I have another scan next week to check how things are, so it doesn't always have to mean the worst. Sometimes these things happen with no real reason!

    You're doing the right thing having help with your little girl and resting, I've got my mother in law taking care of my son and she has been helping with him since it happened, I daren't take the risk overdoing it and I've been told I can't lift him or anything and I'm signed off work too which helps.

    Like I said I don't know yet if I'm an entire success story but every day further down the line is an achievement and it's been 5 weeks without a major bleed so I've got my fingers crossed.

    Best of luck to you too,


  7. 4/8/11 09:49

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    I am 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. I went to a&e almost 2 weeks ago with heavy bleeding, I had a scan and was told there was a second sac that was empty which is where the bleeding was coming from and was told to only return if the bleeding got heavier or was fresh blood.  2 days ago I returned to a&e with fresh heavy bleeding again.  I had another scan and was told the baby is fine for today but there is a large amount of blood surrounding the sac which they were unsure of where it was coming from. They said it was a bit too much to be the remains of the second sac so I need to return next week for another scan, to take everything a day at a time and hope for the best.

    Has anyone else been through this because Im really struggling with this one day at a time thing! Im still bleeding on and off and getting pains in my stomach,  Im trying really hard to not get to upset as I dont want to put anymore stress on the baby.  My mum has this week off work so she is looking after my little girl for me and my partner is taking care of me when he gets home but I just want to know of any positive stories to get me through it

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