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  1. 23/6/08 17:32

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    marmite and jam.lol how strange someone once told me cheese and marmalade sandwiches were nice!! I was like yuck until I tried it. Totally love them now. I do agree tho I don't stuff myself. I have 3meals a day with a few snack in between but I do pile my plate up as we have always been brought up with big meals. I'd rather leave a bit than be hungry.

  2. 23/6/08 15:00

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    Just wanted to add something as I sort of understand where Rachel is coming from about the carbs.  However, I too follow SW -  and just lost 3.5 lbs this week and ate healthily and plenty for the week.

    However SW does not advocate stuffing pasta and potato all day on green days and eating a hog roast on a red day. All things are still supposed to be balanced. The high carb days are balanced by lower protein and vice versa.

    My body hangs onto extra carbs in a flash and I am still watchful. I have found though that sticking to the guidelines means that the carbs are processed better by my body and this has to be behind the thinking. If I have a higher protein together with higher carb, I will gain weight. Balance it and I lose. They also advise that you eat what you NEED not just what you WANT (although you should really enjoy it too) - an important distinction but one easily forgotten day to day - I ask myself if I really want the rest of that pasta because tbh I could happily wolf down more than I need just cos it's yummy and comforting.

    I honestly think the idea that any food is 'free' is misleading - it must still be balanced and then sensibly consumed.

    Each to their own too - pasta n sauce on jacket potato - no offence but yeeeuch lol. Mind you I love marmite and jam together so I can't talk lol. X

  3. 23/6/08 14:46

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    Rolling head laughingstacyd07

    I too agree with previous poster i kept thinkin how can I eat this much and still lose weight and its true that its a lifestyle change cos I stuck to it and lost 8 1/2 pound in 3 week then just eat what I wanted for 3-4week and put it all back on and more!! I have now been doin t agen for 2 week and have lost 8pound jacket potato is one of my favourite meals too!!!

  4. 23/6/08 09:50

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    i too wonder how it works but it does. it's great. i have gained 6lb from my starting weight and i'm now 38+2wks pregnant(altho i did lose a few extra lb's in the weeks before i got pregnant) so i do add that weight on also. i love it. i eat so much and i'm never hungry. i did try weight***chers and hated it. don't like how fruit can be points as on a night time i can eat 2banana, 2apples, loadsa tangerines in one go i'd be left with no points.lol

  5. 22/6/08 19:36

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    like all diets etc  think she is 8 st heavier as she must of came off slimmimg and ate normal again and yeah this will happen,this or any other diet etc has to be a life changing thing.

  6. 22/6/08 16:11

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    i struggle to understand how a jacket potato topped with a pasta and sauce is healthy!

    Carbohydrate city!!

    my freind used to eat this everyday on slimming world,,5 years on she is 8 stone heavier,,,i cannot grasp the concept!!

  7. 22/6/08 10:01

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    I buy the tesco 8p chicken noodles and I prefer them to supernoodles. They just taste sooo nice. I thought they were free but my friend said they were 3syns but one week I ate sooo many and lost 3lb s didn't do me any harm if they are sysns.lol

  8. 21/6/08 07:25

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    hi,pasta n sauces which are free are batchelors tomatoe,chicken and mushroom,bolognese,all made with water only,all others are syns also be careful as asda,tesco etc do there own but most are syns not many but depends how you waant to use them,nd same with the noodles becareful,100% btchelors are not as nice but they are free so they would not be lol.

  9. 20/6/08 22:24

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    Hi, I'm following one of the 7 day plans in the magazine this week and one of the lunchtime meals on a green day is a jacket potato topped with pasta n sauce (any variety) served with a mixed salad. The total number of syns used for the whole day is 0 so I'm assuming from that that they are all free. Might be worth a quick check in the book though. I hope that helps.

  10. 20/6/08 20:36

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    Its the 98% fat free noodles that are free, not 100% on the pasta n sauce but you make them with water not any milk or butter. I always had the cheese and broc ones.

  11. 20/6/08 19:52

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    Hi, just started slimming world this week and someone said that super noodles are free but i can't find them in my book. Also was told that certain flavours of Pasta n Sauce are free?? Does anyone know what flavours of both are free or how many syns etc? Thanks in advance x

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