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Getting Married Abroad..Reception In UK...INVITES?

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  1. 23/1/10 16:49

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    That's exactly what we thought, because we started looking for an idea for prices last year and they seemed alot lower. We have booked with Thomas Cook.

    With the pictures again....Aphrodite Moments, who I mentioned before, put images onto a disc for you if you don't want the prints/album. Which is what we're going for, then at our reception we have found a photographer who is going to put the Cyprus photos and the reception photos together in one photo story book. We thought that'd be a nice way to have them all together rather than different albums, so that may be an option for you to.

    Another idea to save money if you liked the idea, is to take silk flowers with you rather than buying fresh ones over there. The price list we had from Thomas Cook with all the extra's in were so exspensive. My plan is to have them on the wedding table at the reception when we get back to the UK. x

  2. 23/1/10 16:29

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    cool will look them up thanx which travel agent are you going with? we're going with first choice they just sent prices for all the extras and they do seem a bit on the expensive side! The prices seem to have shot up this year!!

  3. 23/1/10 16:15

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    I think Cyprus is quite a popular place to get married. Maybe because the paperwork is very simple compared to other countries.

    We're only going over with a few people...so no reception for us while we're out there. Decided to save it for when we get back. Have you sorted out your photgrapher? The ones they recommend at the travel agets are very exspensive, but we've arranged our own. Aphrodite Moments they're called if you're interested. x

  4. 23/1/10 16:07

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    We had booked the town Hall as we had friends who got married there a few years ago and it was really nice but we think we are going to change our minds and get married in the Chapel at our hotel, would be so much easier we're having the reception at the hotel so it makes sense to stay in one place.


  5. 23/1/10 16:00

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    I've been told that Paphos is beautiful. We're going in September, married on the 29th. We're getting married at the hotel where we're staying. ledra Beach Hotel. How about you? To be honest, I'll be glad of the holiday more than anything, everyone I've spoken to about Paphos have said it's really nice. I'm happy I get to wear my dress twice to! Lol. xxx

  6. 23/1/10 15:57

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    I'm getting married in Paphos in June we are having our uk reception in Dec around x mas time coz i've always wanted a christmas wedding and H2b has always wanted to go away, so best of both worlds we're having a x mas Blessing ( so I get to wear my dress again x ) and Reception. Where are you getting married in Paphos?


  7. 22/1/10 20:07

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, people will be coming over from other cities. Maybe if I just send out the invites early June then this will be enough time. The reception isn't until the 9th of October though, so maybe even late June. Saves time me having to send out two lots of invites I guess.

    Whereabouts are you getting married abroad? I'm off to Cyprus, Paphos.x

  8. 22/1/10 20:04

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    hi were getting married abroad in sept im not  sending out save the date cards and going to send out invites end of june prob but its up 2 u really depends on how far people have to travel aswell if the coming from far away and need to make arragments to stay over they prob need a bit more notice hth

  9. 22/1/10 19:42

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    Im getting married abroad with only a few people going to the ceremony. However, we're having a recption here in the UK.

    So my question is, would you send out "save the date cards"? If so, when would you do this? And also, when would I send out the actual invites to the evening reception?

    Thanks in advance.


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