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What does af stand for?

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  1. 1/6/11 21:26

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    Hi thanks for both replies. I'm feeling really confused one minute and angry the next. I just want to know why it happened!! I have a son who's 18 months. Pregnancy with him was fine, no probs at all, that's why it's so hard to come to terms with. I guess I'll never know and i'll have to deal with that. Another thing I'm thinking about is whether to ttc again or not. One day I feel I am desperate to be pregnant again and next I feel I neverr want to be pregnant again in case it happens again. I don't think I could go through it again. I haven't mentioned trying again with my OH. Afraid of what he'll say. This has been tough on him too. People keep saying to me it just wasn't meant to be and that everything happens for a reason. Wish they would stop saying that, gets on my nerves!!!! I find it hard going out at minute. Was at shopping centre on Sunday and there were pregnant women everywhere! I just thinking that that should be me in a few months but it's not gonna happen. I hope this gets easier cause I hate feeling like this. Rambled on a bit again there. Thanks for reading. Sharing helps! Am sorry for your loses too xo
  2. 30/5/11 10:25

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    so sorry for your loss hun.

    Its not easy i had my erpc on 13th may. As time goes on it does get slightly easier but you will have days when you just want to cry. My advice also would be dont do a pregnancy test till at least 3 weeks after. I did one a week after and two week after and both still saying 3+ so as you can gather its rather upsetting.

    Doesnt matter how far along you were, one you see that positive, you are pregnant and you automatically see it as your baby. Its only Dr's and people that it doesnt really matter to that will correct you that it was an embrio ir a featus etc.

    Sending my thoughts x

  3. 30/5/11 08:22

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    My thoughts are with you hun. AF stands for Aunt Flow......your period!

    Tink X

  4. 29/5/11 22:11

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    Sorry to ask what may seem a silly question but when your talking about af what does that stand for?? I gather it's something to with your period? I've been reading a few posts in this forum cause sadly I join you. I miscarried last Saturday at 7 weeks. I had been bleeding slightly the week before and then on sat it happened all of a sudden, bleeding so so heavily and within 40 minutes of that happening I passed the little sac. Was admitted to hospital on tuesday as rest of tissue hadn't come away yet. They tried tablets and a sintocin (sp?) drip but neither worked. Had an ERPC in Thursday afternoon and got home that night. I sort if felt ok about it last week but I suppose that's cause there was so much going on. Yesterday and today I feel really down about it. I kinda feel stupid for feeling so sad about it cause pregnancy was in early weeks but it was my wee baby at end of day Sorry for rambling on but just needed to say that somehow.
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