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had my tarot cards read while pregnant

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24/5/10 20:19

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iv had my tarot cards read this evening and alot of them were bad.....

i even got - trouble with pregnancy, child loss or bat time

- tears

- and then one she wouldnt read at all........

has anyone else had their cards read while pregnant, had bad news but it had a total wrong meaning? or i anyone a reader ? or something?

im just really worried and i know i shouldnt but im only 10 wks ive had my antenatal booking appointment and stuff but no other confirmation about baby....

what can i do to set my mind at rest?

  1. 1/6/10 15:18

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    totally agree with previous posts that maybe she just wasnt very good, i has a reading at a phsycic centre just after my son passed away and it was unbelievable what this lady told me, i came away feeling so calm and happy because of everything she got spot on, she told me how he passed, what his head stone looked like (very distinct) and his colour (turquoise, everything was blooming turquoise :P his nursery, blankets, teddys :P) she told me he was with my brother and great gran in the spirit world and he was happy there, felt brilliant being told that he was safe and out of pain, however 2nd time i went back (about 3 months ago) to the same place but seen a different woman and she never picked up on my son atall, told me my dad had passed (he hasnt) i was clearly pregnant at the time (6 months) and she told me its a boy, no doubt in her mind its a boy even went as far as to tell me that boys are so much better than girls and i should be so happy because she would have 10 grandsons over grandaughters anyday....guess what!...im having a GIRL! she asked me if i had any other children so i had to say yes, she then said oh youre going to have your hands full (well no because my son isnt here!) so i told her he had passed to which she replied, oh yes i was picking up on that but didnt want to say...she then said im sensing it was to do with his neck and head area....no it was his lungs! when she realised how wrong she was she cut it off and charged me my £18 and sent me on my way, i was so upset and confussed but i cant take it to heart because she was just a money seeking phoney amongst people who in my opinion have an amazing gift, its really sick but you just have to let it slide and not take it as set in stone, like evryone else says, you create your own fate and nothing is for sure...

    best of luck with your pregnancy and im sure everything will go just great for you!


  2. 31/5/10 16:20

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    i'm a firm believer - and have seen various mediums etc over the years. I've had some amazing readings, where the accuracy has been spot on (to the point where two different clairvoyants saw the same thing), and things that were said were things that a chancer just wouldn't have the guts to say ( for instance - chances of anyone having a grandparent in spirit are extremely high as no-one lives for ever...but an uncle?? which of course was true for me). My mums ex used to read the cards - ordinary playing cards, and was spookily accurate (even down to dates and house numbers etc). He did see some bad news once regarding my first baby during a reading but didn't tell me. He did confide in my mum though and made her swear not to say anything. It came out after her birth though what he saw, which freaked him right out and he stopped the readings for a while.

    On the flip side - i've also seen some people who appear to be telling you what  they think you want to hear. These people are very clever and will use your body language, responses to questions and other stuff to give you that reading. I try to keep as quiet and neutral as possible during readings. The last one i had, she seemed to be digging for info all the time, and was very vague about stuff. She mentioned nothing about my pregnancy, till i bought it up out of curiosity. She said she knew, but then asked how far along i was!?!? Then she told me i was having a boy (3D scan shows i'm definately having a girl) and made like it was my first baby (is in fact my 6th baby). I left feeling very cheated and certainly would never go back or recommend her to anyone!!

    It sounds like the person who did your reading was a bit of a learner - not sure how to interpret the cards, and relayed warped information to you - which was out of order. I'd be inclined to have another reading.......from a well trusted and recommended source. Maybe people here could recommend someone close to where you live?? Otherwise, do you have a spiritualist church nearby? Could you ask them for a recommendation? I once knew someone who never asked for a fee for her readings - just a donation to her church, so i guess that'd be a good place to try.

  3. 30/5/10 19:17

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    hi im  a past due in feb  08 mam  ,i must have been meant to see this ,im a spiritualist medium and clairvoyant ,my gran read the cards for 50 years ,i was lucky to inherit her gift ,im also  a spiritual healer .i work within the snu code of conduct ,whoever did this reading should be reported and stopped ,please take no notice of the reading ,to me it sounds like a load of crap ,to be honest .any descent person would never give a bad message or reading ,i do hope this puts your mind at rest x x x x

  4. 30/5/10 18:08

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    Just seen this thread on my news thingy, and thought I would answer too.  I agree with OP who said that a professional tarot reader/fortune teller won't look for negatives, and many will not give out any bad information they see unless you specifically ask them to.

    I saw a tarot reader who our family has used for years - and we still use about once a year - just before I was pregnant with my kid (now 3yrs old) and asked if she could see any babys, she said no...

    My mother being the superstitious type went back when I was about 3 months pregnant and asked her the same, and about my health and she couldn't see any babys and she didnt pick up on the fact I was even pregnant, when my mother told her I was pg, she said it was the first time ever she had failed to pick up on something that big.

    My old dear I swear spent the next 6 months thinking all sorts and stressing, but apart from 9 months of morning, evening and nightime sickness everything was fine


    Don't dwell on what this tarot reader did or didnt see hun, just relax and enjoy your pregnancy, and I would say if you were stressed or worried when you went to get your cards done maybe they just picked up on that vibe.


  5. 26/5/10 12:22

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    that sounds exactly like the card i saw. with his tale in his hand.

    thank you so much fortyping all that explaination out. it must have taken you ages.... it has set my mind at ease alot though..i still believe in the cards but i think im going to stay away till after the 9 months, lol. just so i dont take things to heart. xx

  6. 26/5/10 09:53

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    just noticed it was the sun card you were more worried about sojust doing same for rat one from same deck. word for word out of the book ok not from me as a reading as i dont do them they are personal use for me.

    Divinatory meaning: this is a marvelous card for it foretells happiness contentment and satisfaction in the illustration it shows the sun radiating benevolance goodness and warmth and thats just what to expect now sucess will come whichever area of the spread this card comes out. and be acompanied by energy vigour and ravashing ring of confidence, workday matters will go from strength to strength and you'll attract favourable attention from work collegues and superiorss whilst love affairs will be wonderful when blessed under the presence of the sun, if your feeling underweather or at your worst you'll soon be on your road to recovery. this card also signs happy dealings with children whether your about to have a baby yourself already have a young family or will just enjoy being with other peoples children. REVERSED MEANING: the boundless energey of the sun is hard to repress even when revered but some sort of delay difficulty or dissapointment you may have to overcome first perhaps your expectations are unrealistic or you feel a sense of anticlimax at the end of a project instead of feeling fedup frustrated or discouraged youd do better to tailor your ambitions and hopes to fit your current circumstances, if a love affair or long term relationship isnt as happy as it could be then cracks could sow misplaced pride or conciet or arrogance cauld also cause trouble there maybe problems with children too perhaps a child stirs up trouble makes a nuisance of him or herslef or may soon fall ill.

     in all 12 houses there is no negativity and reversed just looks like you have a little thing in the way to the happiness there is but i think all the cards are all positive and you never mentioned if they were reversed or not so i wouldnt worry

  7. 26/5/10 09:34

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    hi i think i know the cards you are on about is it the russel grant astro tarot pack, as i have that pretty deck with the rat in its a man with a rat tail in his hand in flamboyant clothes.

    with these cards there are different meanings to each house ( order they are layed out)

    this is what my book says that came with cards just to ease ur mind, divinatory meaning : chinese sign of the rat symbolises someone who can be frank and forthright but might be a loveable rogue whos clever and quick conversation cant be taken at face value, act the oppourtunist wheel on your considerable charm and you should do very well indeed now, infact you'll suceed at whatever you turn your hand to whether business or pleasure, ur also full of confidence in your own abilities which is grand if your usually a bit shy, you popularity is on the rise so surround yourself with friends and familyand bask in thier companychildren will mean alot whether or not they belong to you, communications are also ace for your able to express your true feelings now and sweettalk your way out of trouble.REVERSED MEANING:  your not one to beat around the bush at the moment but take care your honest approach doesnt hurt feelings, ruffle feathers or you putting your foot in it, folk on the recieveing end of your tongue may not take kindly to some of ur comments now. on the other hand beware of your gift of the gab for the wrong reasons even so ur too charming and popular to lose friends that easy for they actually enjoy ur roguish ways and you can always talk them round again. something else to be aware of is being too ambitious and eager to suceed that you aim too high and end up achieveing nothing at all, try take things a wee bit slower otherwise you could spoil your chances for the future. people may talk with forked tongues and someones far too geniune and just too glib for words be warned of a smooth operator.

    then there are 12 house meanings on top. so dont be worried overall not really a bad card if you want the other meanings for the rest right from the book on my lap id be happy to just tell you the divinatory meanings to ease your mind.



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