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had my tarot cards read while pregnant

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First post in thread.

24/5/10 20:19

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iv had my tarot cards read this evening and alot of them were bad.....

i even got - trouble with pregnancy, child loss or bat time

- tears

- and then one she wouldnt read at all........

has anyone else had their cards read while pregnant, had bad news but it had a total wrong meaning? or i anyone a reader ? or something?

im just really worried and i know i shouldnt but im only 10 wks ive had my antenatal booking appointment and stuff but no other confirmation about baby....

what can i do to set my mind at rest?

  1. 26/5/10 08:23

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    i have 2 different people who read tarot for me and have done for a few years now. now i am pregnant they refuse to read my cards (maybe because they know i am abit of a control freak who takes everything to heart). having said that though they would never read a card badly like that. im a little confused though that she held information back but not the bit about baby loss. now i know she didnt know you were expecting but thats pretty devastating news to any woman, surely she should've held that bit back? did she even start to back pedal abit when you told her your news? what support have the family given you since this? please i urge you to put it down as a bad experience and enjoy your pregnancy. let us no that your baby is fit and healthy too when you have your scan xxx

  2. 26/5/10 07:51

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    hi hun, i would dismiss the ladies cards hun, again i agree with cara (josh&rileys) the cards she read - the sun is a lovely card, no bad meanings, and cara's card is s lovely card to recieve. try to put it at the back of your mind and enjoy your pregnancy xxx

  3. 25/5/10 23:51

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    hi everyone

    it was definatly a rat card, the actual image was a man with a rat tale and the word rat at the bottom....

    she didnt know i was pregnant untill she mentioned about the baby loss or trouble then when i went white as a sheet we told her..

    shes not a bad lady, maybe she just has a different and down to earth reading technique or something, i dont know. for my 1st reading i can safely say it scared me, lol and i think il stay away untill ive had bump at least.

    joshs mummy, thank you so much for drawing a card for me...that has really made me feel alot better.. xxx 

  4. 25/5/10 23:30

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    As a pp said the sun card is a very positive card, it's very strange she wouldn't explain the meaning to you

    I had a deck of fortune cards that had either a mouse or a rat in - think it was a mouse though. But that pack did not have the devil card in. Was she using cards from different decks? They don't sound like actual 'tarot' cards. More fortune cards. It's hard for me to interpret the cards without knowing what they were or in what order but from reading your account she sounds like a complete novice to me and a charleton to boot.

    Honestly hun don't waste a second more of your time worrying about that reading. I don't think she knows what she's doing xx

  5. 25/5/10 22:40

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    thats is very nice what u just did josh and rileys mum and no doubt have put the ladys mind at rest.

    I loved tarot cards and anything spiritual for yrs until a lady on ebay put me off them. You pay for 3 questions, i had 2 mc's and asked if i would loose another and she told me no. and i did i was heartbroken, i emailed her bck and she gave me a load of bollo* excuses. If the cards cant tell u that why say it?

    I chcked her feedback and it was pretty good so was shocked she got my reading so wrong.

    relax hunni and enjoy ur pregnancy xxx

  6. 25/5/10 21:52

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    i hun I firstly wanted to say that she doesnt sound very professional in my opinion! I have read tarot and other cards for around 10 years and theres no way Id say that to someone! If there is bad news you dont come out with it like that! plus nothing is written in stone, you have free will and things are subject to change, what a terrible woman its people like that who give tarot readers a bad name.

    Hun the sun card is a lovely card! it shows warmth, love, good fortune and actually often represents a pregnancy or a young child and the good health that goes with it, it shows relaxing and is really a lovely card so I have no idea why she wouldnt read it!

    The devil can represent a man not to be trusted around you but it can actually be a very good omen for a relationship as it represents unbreakable bonds, a closeness, VERY close infact lol it shows one of you can be a little selfish at times but overall isnt really a BAD card (well in my opinion none are 'bad'!) the card shows someone with their hands losely tied so you may be feeling a little trapped but these bonds can be broken at any time, you have it within yourself to sort out these problems.

    Im not sure what cards she has but I have a few decks and none have the rat card in them. Does she know you are pregnant? I just drew a card for you from my deck and the world card came up which is a very nice card, it shows completion, happiness and satisfaction with your life, its very peaceful.

    Id advise you to forget what she said hun, dont let her ruin your pregnancy with worrying


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