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20 weeks scan.....babys legs crossed

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  1. 21/2/11 15:53

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    i had the same problem at 20 week scan i was dying to know but baby was laying on belly with legs firmly shut i shifted about and midwifes tried her hardest to move her but we had no luck , i was disapointed and so my OH offered to pay for a private sexing scan typically when we got there the woman sed hope she has more modesty when she comes out because she had her legs wide open practically spread above her head even i could tell she was a girl  she coulnt have bin in that position for the free one lol was only £60 so wasnt to bad hope u find out , good luck

    jordan , (baby leiah) 28w3d

  2. 20/2/11 21:45

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    Yes with last pregnancy ds had his feet crossed under his bum. She did manage to sneak a glace though, but i had to keep rolling from side to side to make him move. I had to be re-scanned at 36wks though where they got a clear shot of his bits lol x

  3. 20/2/11 16:15

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    i had bleeding at 17 weeks with my twins i mithered and mitherd to check the sexes she eventualy did she aid 1 maybe a boy 1 legs crossed. at 21 weeks they said 2 girls, at 22 weeks i got them to check again 1 girl 1 legs crossed at 29 weeks i asked again 1 girl 1 boy, at 30 weeks they said 2 girls, got them to check again at 32 weeks 1 girl 1 boy. lol xx
  4. 20/2/11 13:48

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    hey yes the same thing happened to me but i wasnt offered any more scans till friday just gone an the sonogragpher said that if i hadnt been 33+ weeks an baby had more room then it looked like baby would have tried to hide they bits again lol. luckily baby doesnt have enough room to hide in anymore an so we got to find out
  5. 20/2/11 09:02

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    Aw what a shame, lets us know how your get on at your next scan x

  6. 20/2/11 08:40

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    Did any 1 else want to know the sex of their baby but couldnt because baby had its legs shut tight together or had its legs crossed? I was looking forward to finding out....dissappointed! Luckily i have another scan at 26 weeks.....hopefully it wont have its legs closed next time haha

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