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16/1/13 14:55

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Hiya ladies, just wondered of any of you have experienced a water birth? I've started to think about having one as I am suffering with spd and been told that I can't sit on a bed with my legs in stirrups or lie down to have my baby because of my pelvis and back and it could complications in the birth, so I'm wondering weither a waterbirth would be a good option? Thankyou x
  1. 5/11/13 22:52

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    Sunshine happy faceSunnyKTM

    September last year for me, also a bad tear but that was me not listening to my. I swore when not to push lol.. I remember every detail and it is a warming instant bonding experience, select the right music and birthing partner cut the cord your self then pull your little one in close for the first time in water... Brill. My baby girl is also a natural swimmer and loves the pool and bath time no grumbles at all, she I believe was affected by the pool birth in the most positive way. I could go on and on and on reliving it but that is not what you asked is it.. Recommended for sure. Happy days and best of luck. X
  2. 15/10/13 10:23

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    I had our second child a month ago in a pool birth and I cannot recommend it enough. I wanted one for the birth of our son first time around but was told as he was born at 36 weeks he was pre term and so water birth not permitted. This time our ill girl was one day before her due date and as the pregnancy had gone smoothly I was over the moon to get the delivery, I'd imagined last time. As long as you have not had any complications in previous pregnancies or in your current one you should be allowed a water birth. I found The water really eased the pain along with gas and air. The midwives did not even examine me to find out how dilated I was as the contractions told them enough. It's so much less intrusive than when you give birth on a bed monitored up. They did warn me that for some people the water can slow the labour down as they get too relaxed but mine was quicker than before. My labour was 2 hours and 40 mins so I was very lucky. I was unlucky to get a nasty tear but that was due to the fact she came out with her hands up around her face not the pool. I had spd with my first pregnancy and feel for you as it's very painful esp at the end of pregnancy. Give the pool a go as I'm sure it will offer some relief. If you feel it's not enough and you need more pain relief than just gas and air, the midwives said they just transfer you to main delivery as they cannot offer anything else in the water. Good luck! Hx
  3. 29/9/13 15:53

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    I had a water birth nearly one week ago for my first baby. I had no idea what the pain of labour would be like but knew I wanted to try the birth pool. I went in at 6cm around 10pm and she arrived just after midnight. I used gas and air as well but the pool made it comfortable. I don't know what it would be like if I'd used an alternative but I have no regrets whatsoever.
  4. 28/6/13 15:43

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    Best WishesYvonneUghulu

    Yes dear, I had a water birth, it was a very wonderful experience , d environment was very conducive like I was in my own room and the water really helped reduce the pain.......it was a perfect day and I would advice anyone to give it a try cos I sure would opt for d water birth for my next child hopefully Hope dis helps
  5. 4/6/13 20:55

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    I was 4cm dilated by the time i was 37 weeks and didn't have my son until 3 days after my due date. i gave birth only 7cm dilated. As you can imagine i was in considerable pain right up until the point i got in the bath. I would definitely have a water birth again. Good luck for you and your baby in the future. x
  6. 4/6/13 18:19

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    I had a waterbirth planned all along. I was hoping to be in there and then get to 10cm but my hospital sent me home so many times when i was in constant agonizing contractions but only  at 2cm.. i couldnt understand why they were barely 1 minute apart and excruciating.. i got sent home - when i got home 1 hour later i was bleeding a little and at 10cm with an insanely strong urge to push.. so i did. i went to hospital in an ambulance and finally got my gas and air. my water sack was on its way out in the ambulance and i pushed it out more like a balloon on the hospital bed so they popped it for me. i was waiting for the pool to fill. baby was crowning and the pool was done so i waddled over to it and me and my partner got in together. i just squat and leaned forward best position i think baby was born about 10-20 minutes later the contrActions stopped hurting when i gott in the pool it was a relief the pushing just burned and fet like i was tearing inside which i did but it wasnt that bad it was lovely for the painful contractions to fnally stop. I brought her up between my legs and then it was the most amazing moment of my life. i would have one again.

  7. 4/6/13 14:46

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    Hiya, I had a water birth and it was brilliant!! I didn't have an epidural so i was just on gas and air. While on the bed i was in a lot of pain but mostly in my back so the midwives suggested a waterbirth. I was nervous at the beginning but after about 5 minutes in the bath i felt so comfortable and i was in much less pain. Obviously every person is different but it really worked for me. Now I couldn't imagine not having one. I hope this helps you make a decision.
  8. 4/6/13 08:32

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    I am thinking of a water birth this time, I planned one with my first but my contractions slowed too much then when they got going again her hb was erratic at times so had to stay on my side :/ no2 was too fast didn't get time lol but am thinking about trying again with this one - I've had a 9 yr gap so not sure if this one will be as quick also thinking the pain might be a bit of a shock lol but only had 5 mins gas and air with no2 and am keen to just have gas and air again (also hate tearing as tore quite badly with No1 so hoping water will help prevent that too!) x
  9. 3/6/13 19:31

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    I had water birth with my first child, I'm 36 weeks now and hoping to repeat the feat I didn't use any form of pain relief and it was great, once it's over, it's over. I got out of the tub and had a shower and didnt feel dizzy or anything. Plus during labour you are mobile, able to choose the position you feel more comfortable. The whole experience is just beautiful, my daughter floated to me and I was feeling so calm. I did tear, but amazingly enough it never bothered me, I was sitting on the stitches that same day. This time is I'm having SPD, so now it's even more important to me to have a water birth.
  10. 17/4/13 16:41

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    i was never fussed about water births until watching one born every minute and then i was curious. i am pregnant with my second child so will make sure i mention it to my mw after reading all the positive comments from other mums *** alt="" src="http://my.bounty.com/smiley/msn/teeth_smile.gif" />

  11. 2/4/13 08:18

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    I had a water birth with my second and it was amazing really took the pressure off my pelvis, I had no pain relief at all the water was lovely and the whole experience was just beautiful I gave birth on my knees and when she came out the mw gave her a gentle push and she floated up into my arms I did tear but it was my scar from my first birth that tore so I probs would have been ok otherwise. Don't worry about stitches Hun, you don't feel the tear and they numb you for stitching anyway, I would say the best advice to avoid stitches is listen to your midwife lol xxx
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