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Shy 18 month old!!

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  3. Shy 18 month old!!
  1. 27/4/10 19:58

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    I'm sure it's normal at this age (its a milestone) it happens at about 10 months aswell.

    Alfie is the same will play quite happily when i'm there, or family is there etc. Is happy around lots of people. He's not to fussed by strangers talking to him (but wont go to them) but he doesn't move much around the house on his own IYSWIM he always takes my hand and leads me upstairs or into th garden etc, but they should grow out of the clingyness and become a little more open to strangers.

    x x x

  2. 25/4/10 21:16

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    Zak has been clingy since the MMR jab, so i have been dealing with it since then! we go to playgroups and only at 1 group he goes off to show other adults some toys but always comes back to me. so don't feel bad, i have it too, but i know he will grow out of it, my daughter was the same and now i cant get her to stay with me! xx

  3. 24/4/10 11:22

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    Thanks for your replies ladies. As you say, i guess every child is different and the stranger thing may just be a phase...he doesn't shut up when he's around people he knows but must just be shy around new people. I guess it's not a bad thing that he is wary of strangers!! B3ckie, my husband is in charge of swimming lessons at our local pool where i teach swimming too so it was easy for me to be honest, we started when Jack was 11 weeks!! He loves it (if the instructor doesn't talk to him!! ) If you go on the STA website i think they can advise you of local pools to you that do parent and toddler groups? Maybe they thought you meant proper swimming lessons rather than parent and toddler swimming lessons, in which case it would be around 4/5 years old as they would go in on their own. hth...xx


  4. 23/4/10 21:36

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    Hi, sorry to hear you lo is shy.  Lewis isn't shy at all.  In fact we were in Tesco the other day and he grabbed a ladies hand, let go of mine and tried to walk off with her but, he is very clingy to me at the moment.  Maybe he's going through a phase?  Lewis does cry when i'm not nearby or if he sees me walking away into another room, he gets up quickly and follows me.

    Off the subject a bit, but how did you find a swimming session for an 18 month old?  I'd love for Lewis to go to lessons but have no idea where to find classes.  When i asked at my local leisure centre they said they didn't know of anybody who took children under 5!  ANy suggestions would be great

    Hope your lo comes round soon xxx

  5. 23/4/10 21:21

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    Hi HUn,

    i think im in your boat, Layton is very shy, if he's in new surroundings, he stands there with his hands clasped in his lap, frozen to the spot, he wont look at toys or anything.

    As some of you know he doesnt talk either, but said muma for the first time yesterday at 18 months and my 6 month can already say it!!!! Was so so so proud of him,

    When he goes to his dads for the weekend he ususally doesnt talk for about 3 hours after he's got home and re-settled and doesnt even mumur at his dads,

    He calls dad, either dan or dadda, says yeh, na and thats (when he points to things asking what they are), but he has to be very very very cofortable around you to talk, he wont always talk in front of me, if i ask him something he clams up, he'll talk )babble) around dan and my mum, but raerly will he talk to anyone else.

    He ignores conversation and eye contact with the helpers or children at day care. Its so frustrating and embarassing when you go to a shop and some one will say hello to him and he clings into my neck and looks the other way.

    I saw my sister little lad yesterday, i dont see him often at all and theres 8 weeks between him and layton, he's not socialised at all, stays inw ith my sis, no nursery or baby sat, yet he doesnt shut up and doesnt care who come sin the house, i went to give him a kiss and he pouted his lips and gave me a huge smacker.

    I think its down to different kids as layto is really well socialised but is so so so shy, i feel so sorry for him, scared he will be an easy target for bullies.

    Sorry for the long post

    Av x

  6. 23/4/10 16:28

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    Logan can be shy around strangers too. Hes fine when hes playing i.e playarea and theres strangers until they try to talk to him. I think its just a stage they go through. Sorry i got no tips  x

  7. 23/4/10 10:41

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    Hi, are any of your lo's clingy to mummy at the moment?! I have just been to my sons swimming lesson and they have a new slide, he wouldn't let the instructor help him up the steps and had a tantrum as i couldn't help him up the steps and catch him! It was quite embarrassing as i am a swimming teacher myself so i think everyone expects him to be really good but he is so shy he just won't do any of the acivities that involve him going to the instructor, every time she speaks to him he cries! Is this normal?! We go to toddler groups but as i am there he tends to play happily knowing i'm close by, i work in the afternoons/evenings so his nan or dad look after him, i have lots of friends with toddlers that i regularly meet with...he is fine with all of this this but he seems to be very funny around strangers at the moment! How can i get him to be more comfortable going to other people?! Sorry bit of a ramble but just wanted to know what you ladies thought, i don't post often but come on here to have a nose occassionally! xx

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