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Avon, tax credits and benefits

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  1. 14/10/09 14:22

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    Hiya, I joined a company called Forever Living Products.  Am classed as self employed, so will be sending my tax return in at the end of the 12 months.

    Have a quick look at my website to see the products etc. http://www.nicolasimpson.myflpbiz.com

    Good luck Nickie. x

  2. 4/9/09 19:48

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    Thanks for that

  3. 1/9/09 20:27

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    i used to do kleeneze and was classed as self employed, so i could claim tax credits (as a single parent).

    i paid voluntary N.I contribtions, about 35pound a quarter. this later entitled me to claim maternity allowance.

    i filled in a tax return each year. earnings were crap though!!

    as for tax credits, you just tell them what you earn on your annual declaration , as a self employed person. they work out your award from that.

    hth. jane

  4. 30/8/09 09:38

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    Is anyone here an Avon rep (or betterware, kleeneze etc) and also claiming tax credits and any other benefits? I know some people don't declare it, but I am going to. I read somewhere that becuase it's commission based and therefore not a reglaur income, you have to send in your paperwork every 6 months for them to work out your earnings and go from there?

    I know I won't pay tax becuase expected earnings are below £5000 a year but I am wondering how it may affect things? I won't earn much, so I think it's just a formaility things rather than the fact that I will lose much in terms of tax credits, and so on (I hope) we get 60p a week council tax benefit (lol) but still, we get it so I can't risk not declaring Avon when I start back with it.

    Thanks so much in advance for any help

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