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how to come off income support?

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  3. how to come off income support?
  1. 13/4/10 17:16

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    thankyou , thats helped so when the day comes that circumstances change, i'll contact them and stop my claim then. coz i dont want start messing it all about before it happens. & thanks for info on what to include in written letter thats helped too
  2. 13/4/10 17:07

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    With anyone can get Incap I mean who is incapable of work for health reasons and passes medicals etc

  3. 13/4/10 17:05

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    You should contact them after the change occurs. So you can ring them on the day or after.....thats just in case the change doesnt happen iyswim?

    Your I/S will def end but you still should be ent to some Incap as this isnt a means tested benefit. Anyone can get Incap who cant work. hth

  4. 13/4/10 17:05

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    You can either let them know on the date or just before he moves in.

    To stop the claim you can do this by going into your local job centre, and filling out a form. Or you can write to your main office, include your name, dob, ni etc, and inform them of the change of circumstance, although if you are writing, call them first so they can put something on the system.

    Not sure about incapacity, you will have to contact them to find out.

  5. 13/4/10 15:58

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    i found one line that says: .. "You must report any change in your circumstances to the office that pays your benefit as soon as it happens". the "happens" bit? does this mean i let them know on the Date the move in "Happens" or just phone them now to let them know in advanced ? would i recieve no money for the rest of april?
  6. 13/4/10 15:44

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    hey again, i tried to get through to my C.A.B centre all day etc for advice but their lines have been busy the whole time . i just need to know, WHEN do i contact Jobcentre/DWP about cancelling my claim for income support ? my baby's father would like to move in with us some point in MAY. do i phone them now? or Later on the week in May ?. as i know i will no longer qualify for income support once we live together, not sure about my incapacity, that prob goes too ,i'm assuming.. do i have to write to them? fill a form ? what do i do to UNCLAIM? I can't find info about unclaiming on the gov websites anywhere. ? :S who/where do i need to contact? if i do have to write , how long do i give? write now? and where do i write too etc.. more advice please lol .
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