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Does anyone know if they can sack me for having time off when my child is ill?

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  3. Does anyone know if they can sack me for having time off when my child is ill?
  1. 12/3/09 17:28

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    Thank you for your replies, things seem to be better at work for now, fingers crossed dd is well from now on lol x

  2. 12/3/09 14:39

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    as your dd is under 5 they cannot sack you for taking time off for her, you are entitled to parental leave as follows (from direct gov website)


    *** alt="parents" src="http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg/groups/dg_digitalassets/@dg/@en/documents/digitalasset/dg_4001108.jpg" />

    *** class="introcontent">

    parental leave

    *** class="imageandcaption">*** alt="" src="http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg/groups/dg_digitalassets/@dg/documents/digitalasset/dg_076509.jpg" />***>

    parental leave offers qualifying parents the right to take unpaid time off work to look after your child or make arrangements for their welfare. it can help you to spend more time with your child and strike a better balance between your work and family commitments

    ***> *** class="subcontent">

    are you entitled to parental leave?

    you have the right to parental leave if you:

    • have been employed by the same company for a year or more
    • are an 'employee', with a contract of employment (most agency and casual staff don't have the right to parental leave)

    and you:

    • are a parent named on the child's birth certificate or
    • are named on the child's adoption certificate or
    • have legal parental responsibility for a child under five (18 if disabled)

    either parent has the right to parental leave. if you're separated and you don’t live with the children, you have the right to parental leave if you keep formal parental responsibility for the children.

    foster parents do not have rights to parental leave.

    ***> *** class="subcontent">

    if you don't qualify for parental leave

    if you don't qualify for parental leave but need time off to care for your child, you could

    • take paid holiday
    • ask your employer for unpaid time off
    • ask your employer about flexible working

    if there's a genuine emergency and you need to take time off at short notice, your employer may let you take emergency leave or you may have the right to take time off to arrange for care.

    ***> *** class="subcontent">

    how much parental leave can you take?

    you can take a total of up 13 weeks' parental leave for each of your children up until their fifth birthday.

    if your child is adopted, you can take a total of up to 13 weeks' parental leave until the fifth anniversary of their placement with you or until their 18th birthday, whichever comes first.

    if your child is disabled (that is, getting disability living allowance) you have the right to take up to 18 weeks' parental leave until their 18th birthday.

    ***> *** class="subcontent">

    parental leave is an individual right and you cannot transfe

  3. 11/3/09 12:00

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    I would offer to take the time off as emergency holidays when your daughter is not well hun.

  4. 11/3/09 10:47

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    hi hun im not sure on the laws of this tbh but if i were you i would call ACAS and ask their advice.

    do you make up the time you loose or is that not possible? x

  5. 11/3/09 10:10

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    I have been working for my employer for 6 months and unfortunately have had to have time off twice to look after my 4 yr old daughter (total of 4 days) as she seems to pick up everything going. I have also had 2 times off for myself as i was unwell (one day for migraine and 2 days for gastroenterightous)

    My employer is now threatening a disciplinary and reducing my hours (if they reduce my hours i would have to resign). They said to me the time i have had off for myself were fine, but because its added to the time i have had off because of my daughter (of which both times i was called at work to collect her from playgroup, so they know i wasnt just having time off for nothing) it is too much and i have to find alternative child care for my daughter when she is ill..but i have no one who can have her on a weekday, 
    i am a single mum and they knew this when they took me on. Now i am worried that if god forbid she was unwell again i would be faced with the sack (or having to resign)

    They have said i am unreliable even though i am never late and do extra shifts when asked. I feel this is unfair and makes me out to be skiving off work etc when i haven't. I worked all through winter with cold after cold, laryngitus, chest infection and bronchitis, so they should know me by now that i dont take time off for every little cold. The reason i had time off with my daughter is because she had sickness first time and last time she had a bad ear infection.

    Are they allowed to do this? What can i do? I am joining a union this week as im worried they will try and get rid of me.

    Any help appreciated, thanks in advance x

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