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Should I work 15 or 16 hours a week to get the most benefits?

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  3. Should I work 15 or 16 hours a week to get the most benefits?
  1. 14/4/11 11:35

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    Its all changed now so i think either way you wont be getting much based on your partners earnings plus your part time hours. So yes the more you earn the less you get.

    I know a lot of people have now decided that from April that they are better off with one parent working full time, so they get help with council tax & rent. Then they get working tax, child tax and child benefit. its a joke really for us working class families who get sweet fa

  2. 13/4/11 09:17

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    I really dont want to sound harsh but should you be choosing the hours to work around your families needs - ie you at home more or at work earning more rather than as a way to claim more benefits?

    Sorry I'm no help with which number of hours will make you better off but personally if you work more hours you get more wages x

  3. 11/4/11 10:52

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    Hi, I've recently gone back to work 15 hours a week after maternity leave. Lots of people have said I would be better off working 16 hours a week. So i went on that entitled2.com website and it claimed we get £40.72 a week if I work 15 hours a week and £63.30 if i work 16 hours a week. Dp works full time earning around 18000 k, we have 2 los age 1 and 4 and due to our income never seem to get working tax credit and therefore help with childcare costs (£38 per week) or housing benefit. Anyway I rung up the tax credit people to double check all this and the lady would only say I wouldn't be better off as the more you earn the less they give you. So now I'm totally confused. Can anybody shed any light on this? Do you find your better off working less than 16 hours a week or 16 + hours a week. Really not sure what to do. Thanks in advance for any replies x
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