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How do you learn to trust again after being in an abusive relationship?

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  1. 20/5/10 20:04

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    Thanks everyone! I'm still at the really painfully hurting stage and just can't see me ever getting over it. Plus if one more person tries to set me up on a date again I will scream! I know they are only trying to help but ffs! The counselling sounds good but I suppose I'm too scared to admit what went on and until that happens I probably won't be able to move on. If you can do it I suppose theres hope for me too, just not in the next 20 years or so! Good luck with your relationships! x

  2. 20/5/10 18:09

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    Trust takes a long time to build, a second to destroy. But it can be done,first i had to deal with what i had gone through and realise it wasnt me. Counselling helped me achieve this. Then i had to learn to like and love myself. getting out enjoying myself either with my family or friends, finding new hobbies and starting a college course helped this. I spent 3 and a half yrs on my own before i met my OH after getting out of my second abusive relationship in the space of 6 years. first was mentally abusive, 2nd voilent. I trust him totally, but there is always that doubt, what if im being stupid and not seeing the signs. So scared of going through more pain, but in the same breath know that I am so much stronger than the old michelle. Yeah there are A-holes out there but there are good guys too! Once u been through the bad u get wiser.

  3. 19/5/10 14:51

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    I was in one with my ds's father, (and the guy before him too.) Then I met my husband and we've been together 7.5yrs and have dd who's 20 wks and is stepdad to my dd who's 9 and lives with us. Just wanted you to know there are good men out there and you can (and deserve to) be happy again. I had some counselling to deal with it and can highly recommend. It got me to understand and deal with my anger. I know I got lucky with my dh but it's worth the risk I think. Good luck. x

  4. 19/5/10 14:23

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    You never do quite trust again always looking for the bad and avoiding confrontation. but the pain fades and you start to look forward to things again, I still think men should be hung drawn and quartered though and most do want there balls ripping off.
  5. 18/5/10 22:52

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    Its way too soon for me to start thinking about letting anyone into my life again but for those who have how do you start learning to trust people again? I'm still at the stage that all men should be hung, drawn and quartered and have their balls ripped off and shoved down their throats! x

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